SouthForce is bolstered by the collective energies of experienced consultants. Our professional experiences are as varied as we are, and they form the backbone of our commitment to delivering strategic and effective service. Leading the consulting team is Joan Thomas who, having contributed to excellence in different corporate, educational and political roles, is well-prepared to spearhead efforts that deliver results. She is the recipient of a 2006 Presidential Volunteer Service Award from President George W. Bush for her lengthy commitment to a girls' club called Cool Girls of Atlanta. In 2003, Cool Girls Inc honored her with their Founder's Award, and she is still mentoring the “Cool Girl” who became her “Cool Sister” in 1989. 

Here is a brief list of the companies and organizations for which members of our team have worked or who are present or former clients. 

  • British Consulate-General Atlanta
  • CNN
  • Public Broadcasting Atlanta
  • LeRoi Products
  • Atlanta Housing Authority
  • United Way
  • USA Crits
  • San Diego Council District Four
  • The GC Index®
  • ForecasTools Inc.
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Atlanta Public Schools
  • St. Benedict's Episcopal Church & School
  • Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta
  • Southwest Gas
  • Psychiatrist Karl E. Douyon, M.D., Inc.
  • Psychologist Thomas Schneider, Ph.D.
  • The Young People Index

SouthForce is a proud partner of the GC Index® and the Young People Index headquartered in the United Kingdom. Coupled with SouthForce’s consultative sessions, “The GC Index® enables organizations to create a language and framework that aligns the impact and contribution of all their people to business processes and outcomes.”

Similarly, The Young People Index helps high-school and college students to see themselves in  different, more expansive ways. Our guided, self-discovery sessions focus on their academic and non-academic realities and potential as well as their values, passions, skills and aspirations. 

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