Take-Charge Communications


The SouthForce name is shared by two separate but related corporations. They are SouthForce International, which focuses on book publishing and game app development and SouthForce Communications, which focuses on corporate communications, public relations, media relations, event planning, product sourcing and more.

In the age of COVID-19, and due to the widespread corporate restructuring underway across the USA, we have added decision support to our repertoire because we have an amazing assessment process that helps to validate difficult-but-necessary employee furlough, layoff, retention and deployment decisions. The assessment supports teams and organizations by helping to identify each employee's current or potential IMPACT in a specific position, in a team and within an organization as a whole.

The profiles generated by the assessment provide key feedback about a person's or a team's demonstrable, on-the-job strengths instead of focusing only on characteristics identified by more commonly used psychometric evaluations. Keeping the right people in place and making sure they are in the right positions, playing the right roles based on their proclivities, could help a company to regroup, reimagine, and reinvent itself to overcome the challenges caused by the global pandemic. Please contact us to learn more.