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Please contact us to schedule a preliminary consultation about your needs. We deliver a broad range of services designed to achieve optimum results. Those services include:

  • organizational communication strategies and products
  • leadership development
  • decision support
  • supply chain optimization
  • advanced analytics
  • public relations
  • media relations
  • event planning
  • document design
  • book publishing

We're based in metropolitan Atlanta, and we think and act locally and globally. If your projects are in the Atlanta area, we can assist you. If you have a more international focus, let us use our contacts in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa to help take your business to another level. International business is exciting but sometimes risky, and we'll help you minimize those risks.

Our Promise

No matter what your goals are, we promise to provide you with well-researched information, sound strategies and effective, hands-on management. We pride ourselves on our integrity and versatility, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're under pressure to get things done and you need immediate support.

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