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The Legend of Gili the Christmas Kid ©

Author: Thomas Schneider, Ph.D.

Illustrator: Nicholas Sinclair, B.S.         

Categories: Children’s Literature; Christianity; Character Building; Character Education; Family; Anger Elimination

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Breaking Anger’s Embrace and Other Insights on the Human Condition ©

Author: Thomas Schneider, Ph.D.

Categories: Psychology; Self-Help; Family; Anger Elimination, Education, Character Building


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Online companion course with videotaped lectures for the book Breaking Anger’s Embrace and Other Insights on the Human Condition ©

Author & Instructor: Thomas Schneider, Ph.D., Psychologist


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GOcabulary® Plus

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GOcabulary® is phone and tablet app that teaches vocabulary, word definitions and word usage to gamers from Grades 1 through 12 and beyond.